Great and innovative apps for kids with astma – take technology to a higher level!

Great and innovative apps for kids with astma Рtake technology to a higher level! This is an amazing approach to using technology to get kids and people to exercise their lungs more to avoid astmatic problems in the future. This approach can be used for apps in many ways that will keep us humans healthy and not just sit and eat medicine that has so many side effects and is bad for you.

Enjoy this video – We would love to help you develop games and create concepts like these if you have any great ideas?

“Our digital and offline worlds are covering. We’ve become bedfellows with robots, we take advice from gadgets like Siri and we ask mega-systems for answers for life’s questions,” –¬†The Future Laboratory creative director Kirsty Minns.

“We’ve seen a shift to devices that can provide us with much more enriching feedback.”

A well known venture in the White Pencil concept, Alvio, exhibits this shift well. A breathing trainer, a tracker of symptoms and portable game controller, Alvio has created for asthmatic kids. Players need to blow into the gadget to help a hungry fish get food.

Alvio game app sends¬†statistics to parents and notifies them if their kids have any breathing issues. “It’s a great example of how technology is becoming more human,” said Minns.