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Logo design

Claudia Dons has many years experience as a photographer. With her growing clientelle and brand development it was time to revamp her logo and visual identity. After working through the initial logo designs, Claudia settled on the logo that incorporated the “finder” in her camera lens. A finder is the “x” you see looking through the lens, which photographers use to position the camera, before exposure.

Visual Identity

Visual identity both online and offline is essential in today’s world. A logo should be used correctly. Claudia received many different logo sizes, for online and social media use. We agreed on one particular picture that embodies her brand and identity. We then used this picture as a background, as an elelment of recognition throughout Claudia’s online universe.

Claudia Dons is social…

Claudia Dons is “social”, she is active on social media. In modern times, it is not enough to be active on only one social media. There are many social platforms which are prefect for promotion and sales. ComputerArts and Claudia set up profiles on: Google+, Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Flickr. You can see some of her profiles pictured below.


Claudia Dons Photography


Visual Identity – logo and business card