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Professional Digital Solution

Visual Identity

Web Design

Social Media

Concept Development

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We craft visually stunning memorable experiences
for web and interfaces.

Your web solution will look great and function well
on all devices!

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Expect nothing less than perfect.

We build projects that will build your business.

If you want success with your online or print content, then you are already falling behind! We help you earn your success today.

We guide and help you with marketing your company or product with the best practices on the market mixed with our secret ways to success. We will give you a streamlined overview that will make your customers buy your products or services. We will do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best…

Do you wanna wait? Waiting will only make you fall even more behind your competition…

Start making the right decisionscontact us today!

We want to convert our passion and energy to your success!

About Us

Graphic designer Mark Barner startede - design & webbureau, in 2005. Our ambition is to create a agency that treats every client, big or small, with the same passion and service. We want to produce everything within the print and digital world. We want to deliver a package solution to our clients – a so called 360 design and communication solution. Design is in the detail and usability of the communication and in the branding – visually and subconsciously. Nothing sells a product better than the right design, excellent words and in the perfect package – we make sure that happens! Branding is key to longterm success.

Say ‘hello!’ in a email, and we can start working together making our achievements your success icon wink   graphic design & web bureau

  • We are passionate about creativity!

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    We are Innovators!

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  • We work hard

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    Wide print- and web knowledge

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“ComputerArts DK have helped us with our websites for many years now. Being a music business we need quick turn arounds for announcements and news.

CA DK have maintained their high level of service and helped us get our news and information out to fans in a timely fashion.”

Kate LeeMedia Manager at RoadClick
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“We have been using the services of ComputerArts DK for our website solutions for over 2 years – they have always catered for our needs and delivered a great product with excellent service. We would recommend them to any business looking for a creative and dynamic team.”

David AireyPR manager at Union
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“We have been very impressed by Mark’s ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we needed to sustain the development of our restaurant chain.”

Jin ClarkOwner of Wave

Some of our clients:

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Our Work

We are possessed with passion… Passion to create something perfect!” is a creative design & web bureau.

Technical Compatibility

During the creation of a website — especially if you aim to make it’s structure responsive — one of the most important and frequent problems that a web designer has to face involves cross-browser compatibility, that is, compatibility across different browsers.

What does “compatibility” stands for? The designer of a website must ensure that their design works properly and that it’s appearance is error-free and functional on any platform used to view it. It ‘s definitely one of the most complicated and frustrating aspects you must consider when designing a new project, but it’s essential that you do not leave anything to chance and keep cross-browser compatibility in mind throughout the design process.

We have worked to perfect this process for years.

Contact us and let us know what you want us to create?

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