We are a design & web bureau with solid experience in visual identity and concept development.

Why imitate your competitors when you can stand out!?
It has become increasingly important for businesses to have a “brand personality” in order to sell their products, to gain and maintain marketshare. This is where ComputerArts steps in! We work together with you towards better solutions for both online and offline content.

First and foremost we make sure that the quality of your layout, usability and graphic design are top notch. The user experience must be holistic ! A sleek design with poor functionality will frustrate customers ! Similarly, good branding is not enough to sustain market share, if your product doesn’t meet the consumer expectations. ComputerArts have specialised in making sure that your visual identity communicates the right association and message to your customers.
We thoroughly test all solutions before the launch of any product, making sure that they are successful.

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Hi, I’m Mark Barner.

I am the owner and founder of ComputerArts.dk. My role is Creative Director and Concept Designer.
I have a large network of freelancers behind me on demand. This modern “no inventory” solution, allows me to hand pick the best freelancer for your needs.

Whether it’s online content or offline content, we have the professional experience to make your business success!

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