The clinic has been purchased by a new owner and the website is no longer available.

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Eye doctors Barner & Ziebrandtsen


Create a userfriendly webdesign that is specially structured so that visitors with bad eye sight can see and understand using special fonts, pictures and colors.

The Eye Clinic was sold by the original 2 eye doctors and taken over by 2 new partners, who continued to run the Eye Clinic business. The Clinic now caters to the clinic’s original client base, the new partners’ client base as well as new customers. The website design had to bear in mind, that the existing older clientele should be able to recognise “their clinic” as well as navigate the page.

ComputerArts focused on the usability and user-friendliness of the online experience. Each menu has a unique colour and theme picture. Based on our trial and error test phase, we concluded that the webpage was easy to understand- mission accomplished!